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My Psychic Love Readings Offer Outstanding Accuracy, Compassion, Honest and Straight-Forward Truth.

If I am online and available to chat with you about basic questions you may have about booking a reading then you can simply check the button below or the bottom right of this website and see if my chat box is offline or online. Whether I am online or offline you can contact me 24/7 and will receive an very fast response via email.

This is a paid service only. You must be 18+ to use this service. It is for entertainment purposes only.

If I Am Offline, Click Here To Book A Love & Relationship Reading Now


Psychic Phone Readings – Psychic Emily has spent years honing her skills in the art of spiritual intuitive communication, meaning she will be able to provide accurate psychic readings over the phone without the need for you to be physically in her presence. One of the great benefits of a phone psychic reading is that it is much more difficult for frauds to “fake your session” and give you a cold reading. If you’re not sitting in front of someone, they have no way to read your body language, or to see the responses on your face. A telephone reading removes all the limitations of physical location. You can get a reading anywhere in the world as long as your near a phone.

Chat Readings: Sometimes a live psychic chat reading is the perfect way to have a session. There are also times when you don’t feel like talking on the phone, but want a quick answer to an important question. For example when you’re in a public place but want to have a private psychic online reading; when you’re already on your computer and want immediate psychic answers without having to pick up the phone; if your at a function or about to do an interview or meet someone on a first time date and you need answers fast.